Biathlon Nova Scotia documentation can be found by clicking here.

How To Join

Biathlon Nova Scotia (BiNS) welcomes and encourages new athletes to participate or even simply try the sport for a first time. The timeline to join biathlon is late summer and early fall on any given year. At that time, skills are developed in advance of organized winter competitions in January through March. As a rule, we do not take new athletes during the competition season. 

To be a member of Biathlon Nova Scotia, you must be a member of Biathlon Canada (individual membership) 

If you are joining as a member of our competitive team, you must also obtain a Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC) which is also known as a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). The certificate is obtained by attending a safety course on using non restricted firearms and passing an exam provided by Safety Services Nova Scotia. A FAC is mandatory to participate in the sport of biathlon. 

Membership Benefits

Why become a member?
Your membership fees help defray the costs of running the organization and contribute to funding of Biathlon NS and Biathlon Canada programs such as the national teams, youth programs, coaching or officiating programs.
Youth memberships are eligible for the Health Living Tax Incentive.
Benefits include:
  • Liability insurance coverage;
  • The right to participate in Biathlon Canada sanctioned competitions, events, training camps, coaching and officials certification programs; and
  • Access to Biathlon NS and Biathlon Canada information and services.