Martock Nordic Ski Club Overview

What’s Happening:

Do you love Nordic skiing? Are you frustrated by the lack of snow and groomed trails close to the HRM? Are you an endurance athlete (cyclist, runner, triathlete, paddler, rower….) looking for a great way to stay in shape and train with others during the winter?
A new Nordic ski club is launching this fall and will be based at Martock with a satellite operation at Shubie Park in Dartmouth. The Martock Nordic Ski Club (MNSC) will merge with the existing Nova Nordic Ski Club to create a new club offering skiing, programs, and a strong membership at both Martock and Shubie Park. The club will actively promote both cross country skiing and biathlon and encourage more people in NS to become active skiers.

About The Club:

The new Martock Nordic Ski Club will offer:
  • Great Skiing: Access to an extensive network of groomed classic and skate nordic trails at both Martock and the Lake Charles Trail at Shubie Park in Dartmouth. Martock will be hosting the Biathlon and Cross Country Skiing events for the 2011 Canada Winter Games. In preparation for the Games, a major expansion of the nordic trail system at Martock will be completed this fall, including a new expanded trail system (totaling over 11 km.), a biathlon range, and snowmaking on 100% of the trail system. The new trails will be fun and challenging for both recreational and competitive skiers. The Club will also groom the Lake Charles Trail at Shubie Park for skate skiing (there will be no trail fee to ski on the Lake Charles Trail).
  • Lessons: Bunny Rabbits, Jackrabbits, Track Attack, and Biathlon Bears Skill Development Programs at Martock and Shubie Park (Bunny Rabbits only)
  • Training: Both recreational and competitive skiers will have an opportunity to ski and train together with a group. We’re planning adult training sessions and group ski sessions on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings.
  • Events: The club will host ski events(Cross Country & Biathlon) for recreational and competitive skiers
  • Social Events
  • Membership in Cross Country Ski Nova Scotia and Cross Country Canada

Membership & Program Fees:

The proposed Club fees will be:
Individual Adults:          $30
Families                        $60 (up to 2 adults and their children)
  • All members will be required to purchase a Martock Season Pass or Day Pass to ski on the trails at Martock. The cost of a Nordic Season Pass is only $114.95 per person until December 24.
  • Skill Development Program Fees for Club Members & Martock Season Pass holders:
Bunny Rabbits              Ages 3-5          $30 (Shubie Park)
                                                                     $80 (Martock)
Jackrabbits                    Ages 6-9          $30 (Shubie Park)
                                                                     $80 (Martock)
Track Attack                  Ages 10-14      $80 (Martock only)
Biathlon Bears              Ages 8-12        $80 (Martock only)  Includes membership in Biathlon
                                                                                                          Nova Scotia and Biathlon Canada.
The Bunny Rabbits, Jackrabbits, and Track Attack programs will be on Saturdays from 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. for 8 weeks starting January 9, 2010 (possible extra sessions to be announced). Biathlon Bears will be on Saturdays from 11:30 – 1:00 p.m.

Next Steps:

  • Get Involved! We’re looking for Club Directors to help get the new club started. Directors will create a Mission and Vision for the Martock Nordic Ski Club policies, programs, etc. and elect representatives for key club Executive positions. If you’re interested in becoming involved with the new club, please contact Derek Estabrook at 832-4065 or by e-mail at by October 18.
  • Join! Anyone can join. All current Nova Nordic members are encouraged to become members. The MNSC will continue to groom the Lake Charles Trail at Shubie Park. Even if you’re not currently a Nordic skier you’re welcome to join and learn classic skiing, skate skiing, or biathlon. If you’re interested in receiving more information about the MNSC, please e-mail Derek Estabrook at .
  • Come to Ski Martock on October 18. Come to the Ski Martock Open House on October 18 to check out the new 2011 Canada Winter Games nordic trails, find out more about the new club, go on a hike, or participate in a trail race.
  • Coach: We’re looking for 2-3 coaches to help with the Bunny Rabbits, Jackrabbits, Track Attack and Biathlon Bears programs .If you’re interested, please contact Nancy Munro at 422-1938 or for more information.