Volunteer Biathlon Officials Needed!

Biathlon Nova Scotia will provide all required training and all course and membership fees will be free to you! 

Apply now! 

Click here to access the Minor Officials Form, remember to specify BIATHLON  as your sport .

 In less than two years, thousands of our country's best and brightest will set their sights on Nova Scotia as we host the Halifax 2011 Canada Games.  More than 3,600 athletes, coaches and managers from across Canada, 400 media, 700 VIPs, 500 officials and thousands of visitors will head east for the two-week event.  Featuring 20 sports and numerous cultural events and festivals, the Games will be the largest event in Halifax's history, and our first time hosting the Canada Winter Games.

As a key member of the Biathlon Competitions at Ski Martock, the Minor Officials will work with the Sport Organizing Committee (SOC) Officials Rep and Host Society to deliver the games.  The minor officials will be integral to the sport competition.

The SOC will be recruiting for the following roles:

  • Course Controllers
  • Ramp Section Supervisors
  • Independent Scoring Officials
  • Lane Officials
  • Communicators
  • Runners
  • Penalty Loop Supervisor
  • Penalty Loop Controllers
  • Electronic Timers
  • Manual Timers
  • Timing Communicators
  • Starter
  • Start Assistants
  • Equipment Control Supervisor
  • Start Equipment Controllers
  • Finish Equipment Controllers
  • Stadium Workers
  • Access Control Supervisor
  • Announcers

A total of one hundred and twenty nine volunteers from this group will be required to host a successful Biathlon competition.

Experience or knowledge of biathlon, previous involvement in sport or games environment and bilingualism (English and French) are considered an asset. The Minor Officials will interact with a wide variety of stakeholders, including both volunteers and staff; as a result, well-developed interpersonal and communication skills are essential. Minor Officials must also be reliable, flexible and service oriented.

Time Commitment:
The estimated time commitment for this role is a 1 day training session in Fall 2009.  All trained minor officials will participate in a "Test Event", which is a critical examination, observation or evaluation of a sport event prior to games time at Ski Martock, located near Windsor in January 2010.  Minor officials will be required to attend the Halifax 2011 Canada Winter Games from February 11th-27th, 2011.